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The skull and diamond gypsy ring - a CS take on the classic gypsy style band. 

Made in 100% recycled sterling silver, this ring features a central skull with four champagne diamonds decending in size down the band. 


Although equally as beautiful, as each piece is hand created, no two will be exactly the same. Thus making each piece completely unique, much like the people they are made for.


This ring has been made entirely by hand in London.

N.231 - Skull and diamond gypsy ring

  • Materials:

    100% recycled sterling silver
    Ethically sourced champagne diamonds



    Band width: 6mm at widest point, 2.5mm at back of band
    Skull size: approx 5mm
    Champagne diamonds: 1.1mm (in eyes), 2.5mm and 1.4mm



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