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The Number One Hundred and Twenty Eight - String of black pearls with skull halo clasp.


A delightful take on a classic string of pearls necklace. 

This piece features two different sizes of freeform peacock pearls, strung on a pure silk thread.


Claw set is a 14mm x 10mm Black Spinel, surrounded by a halo of tiny detailed skulls. 

This setting and skull combo acts as the clasp for the necklace. 


This piece is a one of a kind - only one will ever be made, much like the person who wears it.


This necklace has been made entirely by hand in London.


  • Materials:
    Peacock pearls 
    Sterling silver


    Necklace length:  14 inches
    Setting size: Approx 20mm x 28mm
    Stone size: 14mm x 10mm
    Pearl size (large): Approx 8mm x 6mm
    Pearl size (small): approx 6mm

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