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Limited edition and one of a kind, this flaming heart ring is utterly striking.

A large garnet heart creates the rings center, held in a Georgian style setting. Atop the heart is a pear shaped flame made up of garnets and citrines.

Flanking the heart and creating the band are two tiny and intricate skulls.


This ring is one of a kind and has been made entirely by hand in London.

N.157 - Flaming heart ring

  • Materials:
    Zambian Garnet heart
    Madura Citrine Pear
    Spessartite Garnet
    Hessonite Garnet
    Gold citrine
    Sterling silver


    Heart measures: 12mm x 12mm
    Flame measures: approx 8mm x 6mm 
    Total ring face measures: 22mm x 18mm
    Skulls measure: approx 5mm x 5mm


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